We’re all family, even that lady with seven cats. (Oh and win a t-shirt by voting for the design)

My people. It’s time to pick designs, again. This time for a t-shirt. Yes! Calm down! We’re making t-shirts, and we’re going to beg you to buy one when the time is right, which will be right after we decide which one is perfect.

They are all subtly different like the two pictures of a celebrity in the back of US magazine that look identical, and then when you look closely you realize that the tag on Taylor Swift’s shirt is totally a different color in each photo. And her dog is totally not wearing a color in one of the photos. Anyway, you get my point, which is that you must say “totally” in every sentence for emphasis.

So there are your choices below. AND I am happy to hear, but will likely ignore, your overall opinion of this shirts, because they are already totally, fucking awesome! Thank you Kris Scott. And I am in no way mean to be homophobic at all but my favorite couple is the straight one, because they have a little slutty mutt, which is SO CUTE! (Dog people unite!)

And my favorite shirt is the rainbow one. So there. Go ahead and vote, but please, really don’t be influenced by anything I have already said. It’s your voice. Your vote counts. Sort of. Unless you’re out-voted by me or other people who are cooler than you. And one more thing, everyone who votes will be entered into a church raffle to win one of the t-shirts. I know, bitchin! Which church? LDS. (Lesbian Dominion Sanctuary). Vote!

1. Pencil line family


2. Black families (Not really black, you know what I mean. There is a black line! But hey they can be black. It’s all good. Use your imagination. They can all be Etoro if you want.)

plain family

3. Primary colors family

primary colors

4. Rainbow family

rainbow family

Vote! In comments. Right there. Scroll down. Do it!

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6 thoughts on “We’re all family, even that lady with seven cats. (Oh and win a t-shirt by voting for the design)

    • @Laurie I am definitely picking pencil line family now, because use said “well-reasoned,” “rational” and “cognitive psychology.” Swoon!

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