We have new flag. I know, I just found out, too.

Our country, the gay one, got a new flag. And frankly, I am a little irritated because nobody told me. But just to avoid having you get irritated too by keeping you in suspense, here it is.

new gay flag

We’re going to Alaska. That’s right, people! The little stars are a sign that we’re going to all be relocated to a state where no one cares who you are or what you’re up to and where the stars shine really bright most of the year, because it’s so frigging dark up there.

As you will note, this flag was designed by Eric Welsh. I think this is him.

eric welsh

At least I hope this is him. Because if we are going to Alaska, I want to go with this guy. He can kill food for us, and he is totally not a hater. Although it seems more like he would have designed our new flag to be camouflage.

Hang on.

Ok. Oops. We are not going to Alaska. The stars on the flag represent the 12 states that have passed gay marriage laws. This, according to Wikipedia. Good job, Eric. I appreciate you taking the time, in between hunting trips, to create this new flag for us. And I hope you saved some white thread so we can keep adding stars to it. In fact, I hope you run out of thread!

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