OK, I was a little surprised, too, to see that Salt Lake City is the gay parenting capitol.

There was shock and awe last week around the world, when it was revealed that Salt Lake City is the gayest city in the U.S. when it comes to being a gay parent. Yes, I was a little surprised, too. But then I thought about it for 2 minutes.

Everyone thinks of Salt Lake City as Mormon. And that is when they are actually thinking about Salt Lake City, which is probably not very often. And it is. Kind of. Approximately 50.27% of people who live there are Mormon. So half. And more importantly, Utah is the kid capital of the country. For real. There are more people having babies, taking care of babies and screaming up the stairs than any other state in the entire union. And it’s true. It’s not just the facts.

Have you been to Utah? This is the most kid-friendly place on earth, so I don’t blame the gays for making this our gay parenting capitol. These people invented bulk candy and Saturday matinees that cost $1. Everything to do with kids is super cheap. And everything has a drive through, so you don’t have to get out of the car to try to squeeze 5 children into one grocery basket.

People in Utah are so busy taking care of their kids that they are probably not even going to notice that the people down the street are lesbians. They probably just look like sister wives, whose husband never comes home.

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