The second gayest thing I have ever done

Next month, I’m going to the first GayLesbianBisexualTransgenderQueerSocialMedia conference ever. At first, I thought it was the gayest thing that I have ever done. And then my lovely partner of 14 years pointed out that having her for my lovely partner of 14 years is probably the gayest thing that I have ever done. Excellent point! You can see why I picked her. She is very smart.

Anyway. I’ll be there, at the conference. I’m excited! Because I have a new business card to give to everyone. And it has my new title on it! I got promoted. Here it is:


Did you see that? Yes. My phone number is missing. If you want it, and I know you do, you’ll have to come to the conference. It’s like a scratch off game. And the prize will be texts like this:


You can teach me how to dress myself. Because I need help.

So come! To the conference! It will be really gay, I promise.

And thanks a lot to all the people who helped to get me there, including The Other Sarah (Steiner), who mostly does everything and stops me from making more of a fool of myself, Kris Scott, who made the original logo for this site and the card, The Other Other Sarah (Wyble) who is just generally awesome and is working on a viral super storm for this site. And my family, of course, who tolerates all of this public embarrassment.

This isn’t the Grammys (yet), so I’ll stop myself there, no need to cue the exit music. But it is the FIRST GAYEST SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE EVER, so cue some other exciting music instead!  I look forward to giving you my digits.

PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t go, soothe yourself with the knowledge that though you will miss out on special fashion-related texts from me, you can still always find me on our 7LM facebook page, sharing equally special moments like this one:


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2 thoughts on “The second gayest thing I have ever done

  1. I’d love to take credit for the business card. However, all I really did is slap the awesome design that The Other Sarah already came up with onto an accepted format — cuz I gots the (not pirated I swear) design software to do that with. Seriously … the amazingness of that card is all The-OS.

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