Families come in all shapes and sizes and some even have trolls

I took Wynn to see a movie this weekend and saw something unusual. People eating healthy snacks. Actually, no I didn’t see that, although I did notice that they serve tea at the concession stand. It’s $8.99 for the hot water.

Actually, I saw a movie trailer with gay families in it. I was so surprised and excited that I immediately got out my phone and sent a text and Tweeted about it, because I like to live on the edge of getting kicked out of movie theaters. Besides, if they had kicked me out of the theater I could just show them my gay parent card, and they would HAVE to let me back in.

I also stopped myself right before excitedly tapping Wynn on the shoulder to tell her how cool it was that there was a movie that had two moms and two dads in the trailer. Because why point out something that seems obvious to her? Some kids have two moms and two dads. No duh! And she was busy eating a KitKat.

As it turns out some kids also have trolls as parents. Trolls who live in boxes, and there will be a movie about these people released in September 2014. It’s called The Box Trolls. Here is the trailer and some commentary about the movie and the gay family angle.

But mostly it’s a movie about an orphan boy named Eggs, who is raised by cave-dwellers who live in boxes and are pursued by an evil exterminator. And that’s a decent metaphor for being gay, if by cave you mean closet and by evil exterminators you mean Christian ex-gay groups.

Anyway, I will definitely be going to see this movie, because it looks weird. And it has gay families in it. Maybe I’ll order to some tea while I’m there, because I’ve heard it’s a great pairing with KitKats.

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