Where have I been? And other questions that you didn’t actually have.

(Thankfully) Pam noticed the other night that I hadn’t posted any blogs in a while. Technically, she is incorrect. What she meant to say is that I have published any posts on my blog, recently, which is true. I haven’t. And I have reasons. Because I like to think that I have reasons for everything. It’s part of my irrational rationalism.

Anyway. In 2013, when this whole, ridiculous, writing diversion started, I was creating two posts a week usually on Monday and on Wednesday, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. I was committed. And I think I had about 19 fans, one of which was Pam, which is good because she is the person I’m always trying to impress. And then I might have gotten a few more fans or not.

It’s actually way harder to measure how many fans you have on the internet than you might think, because there are a lot of haters out there. And I’m not sure if those people actually count as fans. Also anyone who publishes exact stats about the number of fans on their blog is probably lying. And that sentence right there, probably makes me a hater. And my previous paragraph about my 19 fan probably makes me a liar. So this self-promoting thing is going great so far, don’t you think?

But, let’s forget about the math for right now and talk about 2014 instead. It was the new year, and I got some fresh ideas. And one of those ideas is to write posts that are little higher quality (meaning fewer typos) and a little less quantity. So I’m giving that a shot. And I also got viral pink eye, which makes it quite hard to see. That was NOT one of the fresh ideas for 2014, but shit happens. And it contributed to the lack of posts, because I don’t know braille and I don’t think WordPress hasn’t offered that as a plugin, yet.

And while we’re at it, can we please rename “pink eye?” That name sounds like something that a princess gets after being bitten by a unicorn. How about something like “prickly blindness with puss?” I know it’s a little long, but I think it really captures the essence of the experience.

So back to my original point, which is explaining why I haven’t been posting as much. Quality vs. quantity, people. It’s a epic, ancient battle fought since the dawn of time, since the birth of man. Or just another way of saying that I’m spending more time refining stuff that I’ve written (except this post). And I’ve been guest posting in other places. And frankly, those places demand a little quality. And now to try really hard to get to the point because this post is getting way too long and wander-y, here is a list of some other places I’ve been working:

HuffPost: You can find me here.

Scary Mommy: I have one article and one info-graphic both being published in February. I’ll point them out to you in a poorly organized post, just like this one, when they are up.

Erma Bombeck Writing competition: This is kind of old news, but the new news is that I actually submitted something. And it cost me $15, so I’m treating this like Powerball with the same odds of winning. Except that if I do win, the prize will be a weekend writing workshop, which is perfect. Because the reward for being a good writer is always the opportunity to work harder at being a better writer. I should probably join Masochists Anonymous, instead.

So thanks for reading all this. And you can always follow or become my fan in these places:

Find me on Twitter @7littlemexicans and #7LM
Follow this and more on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sevenlittlemexicans 
Or become a fan on HuffingtonPost Parents

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5 thoughts on “Where have I been? And other questions that you didn’t actually have.

  1. Cool stuff! I have a feeling that there may be many lurkers like me, who thoroughly enjoy your writing, but can never concoct suitably witty replies to post here. So in lieu of those “bon mots,” here’s a big THUMBS UP. Keep writing. You rock.

  2. “Because the reward for being a good writer is always the opportunity to work harder at being a better writer. I should probably join Masochists Anonymous, instead.”


    Looking forward to more stuff, quality, or quantity, or whatever. Yer making me laugh, and I like that.

  3. It worked! I noticed that the posts tapered off…but I also thought the last few I read were especially fun and thoughtful. Who knew this was all a part of a master plan! (Well. You did. Obviously.)

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