A really good offer that will be hard to refuse.

You probably already know this, but to win on the internet, you must be popular. This is why we have news stories about people falling into fountains and tweeting themselves out of jobs, because those people are our heroes. Idiot heroes.

Well, now it’s my turn to be an idiot, both by submitting some of my blog posts for a contest, as well as by asking you, my faithful readers, to vote for me. I guarantee that this exercise will be a pain in the ass. Because it will involve registering if you’re not already a member of the BlogHer community, AND if you register you may receive spam.

To make this an offer that you cannot refuse, I will personally bring home a free gift for you from the BlogHer conference in July. It will be a pen with the hotel’s name on it or something made out of foam that is pink, because this is a conference that targets women, and we are always attracted to pink objects more than any other color of objects.

So here is what I am asking you to vote for: To make me one of the Voices Of The Year.  I have listed the category, a link to the story just in case you actually read stuff before you vote for it (I don’t. That’s Pam’s job.), and the most important part: the voting button!

Category: Humor
I am the North Pole and Other Scientific Facts

Category: Heart
One Idea about What to Do If You Have No Dad in Your Family

Category: Humor
Does the Cat in the Hat Belong on the Sex Offender Registry

Thanks. You should take the day off now. That was a lot of work. I’ll write you a note, if you need one.

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One thought on “A really good offer that will be hard to refuse.

  1. Done and done! And, by the way, I’m definitely coming to your house for Thanksgiving! (But I’ll stay home and just “adopt” your New Year’s Eve tradition, if that’s ok… leather car seats in late December do not a warm place to sit make)

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