I’m in a show about motherhood which, like motherhood, sounds easy but is mortifying

Great and terrifying news, everyone. I’m in a show! Oh my god, I’m in a show. Excuse me just a second. I don’t feel very good.

I auditioned recently for the Listen to Your Mother Show which (and I’m quoting) “is a diverse collection of local writers who read their own words about motherhood in a show that … will be spectacular.” It’s even in a theater. And did you get that part about writers? I know! I’ll be with writers, who are some of my favorite people to be with.


Oh, and yes, I passed the audition, which felt like a miracle. I was incredibly nervous, even though I had practiced reading my piece about 20 times before the judge heard it. But reading something personal to your iPhone Voice Memo app is way less nerve-wracking than reading your story to a complete stranger.

Here is a list of all the amazing people that will be in the show. Denver is joining more than thirty other shows in the fifth season nationwide, so we’re not alone, which I think may be the whole point of this deal.

You can buy tickets here. And it’s true, you need to buy tickets these days to see me make a fool of myself. It used to just require inviting me over and serving a few cocktails, but times have changed, for the better, I think.

I hope you can make it. And let’s be honest, I hope I can make it.

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