For your viewing pleasure…

… my performance at LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER last Mother’s Day. Which, by the way, is spelled Mothers’ Day in our case, which is doubly awesome and totally real and even has real greeting cards because we made them. You’re welcome!

But back to the video. Here it is:

To enrich the experience, I’ll give you some discussion topics:

1) Most parents name their babies. Are babies likely to return the favor? Should this factor in to your name-picking process for the child? I think the safe bet is yes.

2) Canadians. Love. Hats. Am I right?

3) Seriously, can you tell how much make-up I’m wearing? So much that my neck was tired. It’s why I keep looking down.

Feel free to share your thoughts with the group!


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2 thoughts on “For your viewing pleasure…

  1. I know I said I was a soft butch but I can do makeup. I can help you beat yo’ face so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing an iron face plate (if you want!)

    Also, I just realized I wasn’t following you on Twitter. Remedied!

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