This is the scratch pad. And frankly, using it kind of hurts, but I can’t help it.

Everyone needs a place to doodle. At least that’s my current working hypothesis. Or possibly, I just need way more warming up and practice before I ACTUALLY do something like write a book.

And since we’re on the topic, here is a totally mind-blowing doodle. This was created by Anthony Weeks DURING a talk that was given by Vikki Reich and Deborah Goldstein at the SalonLGBTQ conference – an event that I can’t stop talking about. Let me say that again just in case you missed it the first time: This was drawn WHILE they talked.

Anthony Weeks

I took exactly two notes and a crappy photograph of this incredible poster, by comparison. But if you can see near the top of the poster, Vikki and Deb were talking about why they blog. This is a great question. This is a question that I ask myself, often. Because it’s sometimes very painful, like biting my nails, which I also do. And it sometimes causes my hands to bleed.

And the more I blog, the more I realize that I’m probably the person getting the absolute most out of this. I know that for a fact, actually, because the stats tell me that I’m my biggest fan. Confession: I sometimes read my own posts 4 or 5 times. Why? Because I can’t remember what happened. And I re-read them to re-experience my life, because I find some posts quite funny and some quite sad. And after I forget about them, they’re funny and sad all over again. It’s kind of like 50 First Dates with myself. And I also do it for all of the same reasons that Deb and Vikki listed.

And really, I do it because I can’t help it. It makes me feel better. Like Deb said: “I need to do this.”  I’ve spent parts of my life “being a writer.” And parts of my life “not being a writer.” And I think that some of the point of this whole pointless life is to write stuff down and try to make sense of it. Or possibly to make nonsense out it, which I also do. And to laugh at it. And cry at it. But it’s also a special sort of hell. A bleeding one. Because good writing for me is like biting my nails. It involves my hands. It’s painful. And it’s only really good when you’re bleeding.

A special thank you to these ladies, who made it happen. Here is the dream team, the organizers, the get-er-done group that organized and executed on the conference. Thank you to Deb Rox (@debontherox), Polly Pagenhart (@lesbiandad), Susan Goldberg (@mamanongrata), Deborah Goldstein (@psandcs), and Vikki Reich (@uppoppedafox).

salon lgbtq

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