Love Mail

I would prefer to receive love mail over hate mail, but if you insist on sending either please e-mail “me” @ the URL of this Web site. If this is confusing, I’m sorry. But if I posted my actual e-mail address, I would receive so much spam that I would run out of frying pans with which to eat it. No canned meat goes to waste at our house.

So write me. Or comment. But I like comments better because then I can openly deride you for your ignorance and lack of tact, because I enjoy being a hypocrite.

One thought on “Love Mail

  1. Hello,

    My name is Andrew Hecht and I’m the casting producer for a new TV show about unique parenting styles. I would love to speak to you about the show. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks so much.


    Andrew Hecht
    Casting Producer
    Punched in the Head Productions


    Are you an LGBT parent with a unique parenting style?
    You could be in a new cable series. Are you a spoiler? authoritarian? permissive? free-range? unschooler? or have a style that’s all your own? We’re looking for moms and dads with unique perspectives on parenting for a new series on a top-rated national cable network. Please send your name, phone number, a description of your family/parenting style, and a photo to

    More info available at

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