My children, I mean my specimens, have been studied and the results are in.

We have been studied. It was big. The study. And the results are in. And now we’re being debated. Before we go any further, let me provide you with a couple of details. A set of researchers got together and studied 500 families, some which were same-sex couples with children and some were straight families with children. And guess what? The gay families had more coping strategies and better family cohesion.

And here is the first thing I feel compelled to say about this. Knock this shit off! If someone launched a huge study to compare black families to white families to see who raised healthier kids there would be huge public outrage, because at its core this question would be racist. And at its core, the above question about the health of children raised by same-sex couples is homophobic. I’m glad it’s good news, but can we really compare?

It shouldn’t be surprising that people generally maligned by society would have better strategies for dealing with conflict, because we deal with more conflict, more bullying and more rejection. If you’re left out by society, it would make sense that your family would pull together more. So, thank you. I think we’re good now. Please do not “debate” this topic.

Instead, let’s talk about whether dogs are better than cats. (Dogs!) And whether boys are better than girls. (Girls!) But seriously,stop it. Let’s just love people for who they are and quite comparing because I’m not sure it’s helping us.

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