People like us just a little bit more worldwide, so stop being so negative Pew-ers

I have good news. People around the world mostly like us just a tiny bit more. The Pew Foundation released a study at the beginning of the month called The Global Divide on Homosexuality. And the Pew Foundation also said that view on homosexuality are mostly unchanged. You can see it right there. See?

homosexual views

Now, I realize that overall we’re shooting for the stars here. We don’t just want acceptance, we want 100% integration and all that good stuff. We want to be just like everyone else, which is to say first we want to get married then to be able to produce 2.5 kids with a picket fence. That last part always sounded painful to me, but then, I didn’t exactly have kids the traditional way. But if there was a similar survey that said “How much do you like white people?” Would we have 100% acceptance? Totally, doubt it. So what I’m really wondering is how does this compare to acceptance, in general. But I digress.

And more importantly what I’m trying to point out here is that there is a bit of good news! People are moving in a positive direction. I would suggest that it’s a win if anyone finds anyone else more “acceptable.” And look at the top of the list. Those are some places I care about.

First, leading the pack is PSY in South Korea. Thank you for being ridiculous and making gay people look totally normal. Now gay South Koreans can enjoy 21% more acceptance. Next in line is Canada and the U.S. — two of my favorite countries. Thank you friends and family for spreading the good word. Next on the list is Italy and Spain, which makes total sense because those people are hot and who wouldn’t want to have sex with any of them. And that rounds out the top 5, but I have mention Germany because my brother lives there and German women for decades have been toeing the line for lesbians with their short hair and their Birkenstocks. Thank you, my sisters.

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