I am a syndicated news journalist or a social media whore: One of the two.

You guys. Awesome news. I’m a HuffPost Parents blogger! I was trying to think of a clever way to tell you such as staging a flashmob, but it was too cold outside and I don’t have THAT many friends. I also considered a singing telegraph from a velociraptor. But velociraptors are extinct. So I’ll just say this: “I’m a HuffPost Parents blogger!!”

What does that mean?

Oh. Let me tell you.

What is HuffPost?

It’s an online newspaper and content aggregator started in 2005 by Arianna Huffington. And they pick up blog content like mine if you ask nicely. Or as they like to say they publish “fresh takes and real-time analysis from HuffPost’s signature lineup of contributors.”

How did you get this gig?

I asked, nicely. At least I think it was nice. It was a bit salesy, but sometimes you have to pull out all the stops and just pitch yourself (at a discount and with a free set of knives). And they said “yes” which was really great. And it was on the Thanksgiving weekend, so that made me feel extra grateful that weekend.

Are you going to stop posting on your blog?

No. I am not. Because where would I do all my swearing if it wasn’t here? And where would I make fun of things that run in the HuffPost? I’m going to keep writing here, and some of the best stuff will make it’s way there.

How do I see it?

Here is my first post!

Here is my bio!

And here is what it looks like, if you’re just browsing around on the site. I kind of wish I was that adorable kid with the glasses, but I’m the one on the left.

huffpost home page

Please go there. And comment. Or like the post. Become a fan. Because this is a popularity contest. And I cannot win fortune without fame. And you will be rewarded with more of this writing crap. Plus selfies. And pictures of my kids.

And while you’re busy doing that I’ll be working on my fresh takes.

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