It’s time to be aware of everything you are not doing to help others.

You may or may not have noticed, depending on how aware you actually are, that every month there is something to be aware of. It’s exhausting. Since it’s kind of still the beginning of October, here is a list of things you should AT LEAST be aware of if not actively doing something about. Just to prove that I am either a good citizen or at least better than you, I have also included a few things that I am doing to either increase my awareness or affect change about these real and very serious issues that we should be extra aware of this month. Are you ready? I’m not.

AIDS Awareness Month – I’m gay. This is pretty much a gimme.
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – We might adopt (another) dog, so I’m pretty high on awareness of this right now. And if we don’t, I can for sure adopt a shelter for the existing dog that we have.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month No duh. Even football players are wearing pink shoes. I’m good.
Bullying Prevention Month – Um. I’m trying not to yell at my kids. I could try harder.
Book Month – Isn’t that every month?
Campaign for Healthier Babies Month – Good one. I’m a supporter so that then we can move on to unhealthy toddlers. I give mine candy when they refuse to get in the car.
CyberSecurity Awareness Month – I celebrated by uninstalling and re-installing the virus software on my computer at work. Our IT guy was quick to make me aware that this was not cool. Consider this one done.
Dental Hygiene Awareness Month – I went to the dentist. And took the kids. BOOM!
Domestic Violence Awareness Month – I’m aware. Sadly. I might try to forget.
Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Went shopping at a charity for “retarded citizens.” For real. That is the name. I didn’t make it up. And I accidentally shoplifted something because the baby was sitting on it. But I think that still counts as being aware.
Filipino American History Month – Nope
Fire Prevention Month – Possibly. Does burning toast count?
Italian – American Heritage Month – I saw a woman on HGTV who was Italian. And stressed. It’s kind of hard to forget, actually. So awareness? Check!
Lupus Awareness Month – Unless this is a flower, I’m out.
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month – Really? Must we?
Rett Syndrome Awareness Month – No idea. Totally unaware. Had to look this up.
Selective Mutism Awareness Month – This seems made up.
Vegetarian Awareness – Since I am often mistaken for one, then yes, fully aware.

Now let’s count. I think I got about 12 out of 17. That’s a B+ isn’t it? So maybe I’ll sign up for some walks this month. Some awareness walks. Probably fire, since that sounds the most exciting. Or possibly if I find a Filipino walk then I would sign up, because I want to know why they spell it with an F instead of a P.
awareness ribbons
What are you aware of this month?
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