Sometimes awesome stuff happens on Twitter. And then it gets more awesome in real life.

If you have been following along since last week, you know that last Friday and Saturday I was at the first gay social media conference ever: SalonLGBTQ.  And as promised, it was pretty gay. Or maybe just gay enough. And lots of stuff happened. Way too much to tell you about. So instead of telling you everything, I’m going to tell you about two things. The first one is about a mistake that turned into a gift. And the second thing is also about gifts, but we’ll get to that in Wednesday’s post.

So, about a month ago, this happened on Twitter.

tweet typos

And at first I thought it was just funny. I love typos, actually, for this reason. And then I started thinking, that we (me and The Other Sarah) could make a diorama of the Golden Girls using pickles. Why not? And so we did. Because I love to give gifts to people. And Deb definitely deserved one after this weekend.

And it turned out like this:

Golden Girls

And I gave it to Deb Rox, who unbeknownst to me at the time was a or possibly THE mastermind behind the conference. So when I got there, I felt like a pleeb making an offering to a wise master. But it was all good, because she is terribly nice.

And why should you give a shit about any of this? Because it is art, people! This is how art happens. People make great things in the world, like the Golden Girls, then people make wine-induced spelling mistakes when talking about them, and then other people turn their mistakes into dioramas that they take to gay conferences. The fancy word for this is innovation.

But seriously. Have you made a mistake, lately? It might just turn into something awesome. It all depends on how you look at it.

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