Dogs can fly

I didn’t have a cell phone or I would have speed-dialed Pam to tell her I was bringing a chihuahua home. And sent her a picture, posted it to Facebook, Instagram and ┬áPinterest. But it was the olden days. I would have to use my mouth to communicate this news, once I got home in lag time.

Me: I found a chihuahua.

Pam: Is it a toy?

Me: No. It’s a real dog.

I was now the victim of a sniffing attack by Kitty and Mouse. So we did formal introductions, which went pretty well, because when you go straight for checking out someone’s genitals it puts everyone at ease.

Then, I put Frankie down and she jumped on the table. Yes, from the floor.

Me: Did you see that?

Pam: Yeah. She’s possessed.

Me: I know. I didn’t think dogs could fly.

So I had my work cut out for me. Keeping Frankie on the ground.

dogs - frankie

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