Gay expertise not included

When people find out that you’re gay, they sometimes have questions. Heck! When I found out I was gay, I had questions. What kinds of questions, you ask? Good question! (I’m trying to set a record for the most use of the word “question” in a single post.)

Any question that starts with the following: Why do gay people [blank]?

Example: Why do gay people cut their hair so short?

Uh, they do? Now I have a question, too. Do gay people cut their hair short?

I usually start to panic when something like this happens, because I am supposed to be a gay expert after all, because I am gay. And I want to be sure that I’m toeing the line. Doing my part to be gay enough to do good for all gay people and gayness in the world. And if there is something I don’t know about being gay, well then, maybe I’m not gay.

But I’m also tall. And people seem to have fewer questions about that, but again, I have few answers. And I feel like I’m am doing my part for tall people everywhere by just walking around being tall. I don’t belong to any tall groups. I don’t celebrate being tall on days set aside to celebrate tallness. I don’t play basketball. I can reach stuff on high shelves, so that’s pretty great. But I also don’t fit in some cars. But I don’t protest, because I wouldn’t want to be seen as against shortness. I am fairly certain that I’m taller than the average woman, but I don’t know exactly by how much. But I’m OK with that, because people don’t ask that question much, because, well, no one cares if you are tall or short. Its just the way it is. Unremarkable. Thank goodness.

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