The People

The Nuclear Family (carefully regulated just like all atomic weapons)

Sarah: The patriarch. The breadwinner, except without the man part. I am also the author of this blog. I’m not afraid of spiders. But earwigs make me really uncomfortable. And I have very specific tastes when it comes to purses.

Pam: The spouse. The scientist. And the frontal lobe in the relationship. Also the bomb-ass photographer. She takes most of the pictures for this blog and never gets credit, at least according to her.

Wynn: The serious older child with the Russell Brand hair who refuses to wear pants. And cannot have too many Barbies.

Marlo: “The baby.” Except not really anymore. Dangerous with a footstool and influential in the fashion industry.

The Mouse: Our dog, who is a cross between a whippet and a beagle or a bippet. Also an ingrate and by far the laziest and most selfish member of the family. But also the best looking in a photograph.


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